Here your child will embrace the gifts of learning, love and growth...


Our mission is to provide nurturing care to God’s children through our Helping Hands, offering a safe haven for holistic growth.”






Yes, at Helping Hands we provide care for your children year round.

Due to your various needs, we have programs for children from ages  newborn to age 11 years.  That means....

"Child Care"

"Before & After Care," "Pre-School Care," "Kindergarten Readiness,"  "Summer Program," and an inclusive "Feeding Program" for all ages.


We are constantly registering for all of these wonderful programs, so call and see if we have an opening in the area you are interested in.


Our space in each level is limited, so don't delay your call or email to find out if we have space for your little one.  



2727 W. Holmes Road

Lansing, Michigan 48911

Ph:   (517) 882-8622

Fax  :(517) 882-2063

7:00am till 6:00pm, M-F

2727 w. Holmes Rd., Lansing, Mi.  48911


How Helping Hands is Responding

to the Pandemic and the Care of Your

Beloved Child

With the guidance of the State of Michigan and the Ingham County Health Dept.  Helping Hands Christian Learning Center is open.  We are following both the State of Michigan and the CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19  very carefully for the safety of our children and staff.  * Currently, all is going very well.  

Our director, Carla Fitzgerald and her staff continue to undergo various meetings and recommended training's put on by both the State and local Health Department to keep themselves abreast of our current health challenges.  Weekly they listen to the Governor's recommendations and follow them closely for the safety and care of all our children. 


It is believed that children will remain healthy, safe and more happy in a Learning Center environment as long as regular cleaning steps are followed and proper distancing is practiced. 


All children are currently being dropped off outside the door at a safe distance by their parents and picked up by their teacher.  Currently all children (ages 4 and up) plus staff are wearing masks.  Daily, each child's temperature is checked before they enter the building and the health environment of each child's home is inquired about.  Then the child starts their day with a thorough hand washing.  Parents understand that if poor health symptoms or a fever surfaces during their child's day, they will have to pick them up right away. 

If you find you are in need of child care or "Virtual School Age Guidance & Care," 

please give us a call at 517-882-8622.  Our fall programs are filling up quickly, so if

you have needs in the near future, please call soon.  Remember, we are family!!

To better understand our goals and vision, please call us to schedule a tour.

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