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Tuition Payment


Welcome to the Helping Hands Christian Learning Center’s online payment system!  If you have not made a payment to Helping Hands using this system, please click "Make A Payment"  to create your Account Profile. After you've created your Account Profile, you will have convenient, 24/7 access to payment options, your personal information, and your payment history.







Equipment Fee Payment

Upon entering the center an "Equipment Fee" of $50 is due for each child enrolled. This fee helps supplement all indoor and outdoor equipment needed for both educational and physical activities. On the "one year" anniversary of the child's enrollment, another $50 "Equipment Fee" will be due. This site is a tool that allows you to pay that fee on line.



Make A Donation


Helping Hands Christian Learning Center's goal is to provide a safe haven and learning environment for children at a reasonable rate.  To do this we write as many grants as we can to supplement our budget.  Also we accept Federal funding for food and milk expenses.  By accepting outside resources we are able to keep our tuition charges to parents at a lower rate.

YES, every little bit helps.  If you can give a gift, a donation, for the special ministry of Helping Hands, which can be in honor or memory of someone you love,  please do.  *Just use the on-line giving resources to give you gift.  And remember your gift is tax-deductible.

Fund Raising Payment Site
Throughout the year, Helping Hands holds various fundraisers to raise monies to help better the lives and education of our children.  Parents will be asked to participate in these events and this site is offered as an option for participants in our fundraisers to make payments for items they buy.  All parents are advised to direct their family and friends to our website and advise them of this payment option during fundraisers.  Thank You for all your help!!!

Rachelle Parmelle

School Director

Jan Hite


2727 W. Holmes Rd.

Lansing, Michigan  48911

517-882-8622 Phone

517-882-2063 Fax

517-882-8000 Church


Friends are many at

Helping Hands!!!


Spring will soon be upon us and your needs for summer care will soon be necessary.                 Our summer program usually fills by the end of March.  If you think you will need care for your precious child, ages 5-12, for the summer months,  give us a call and reserve you spot.   We would love to be there for you and your family this year for this exciting program. 
Call, 882-8622.

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