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What We Do
Helping Hands Christian Learning Center provides a safe and inviting environment where children love to learn.
At Helping Hands a variety of experiences and materials are available to engage the children in the learning process both inside and outside. These experiences are crafted and supervised with the care and skill of our professional child care providers.
Our staff collaborates with families to find the best ways possible to nurture the growth and care of your children. Ultimately, we work with families and use innovative teaching techniques to help children meet and exceed challenges so they can reach their full potential.
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“Raising children has never been simple. But raising children who understand and embrace the love of God, especially in a sinful and ever-changing world, is a monumental task. So just how do our children learn about faith here at “Helping Hands Christian Learning Center?”

They learn through the Good News of Jesus Christ and his teachings, by growing with one another daily and by watching us, their parents and teachers. 

 As sinful humans, there’s no way we can be perfect, as teachers and as parents. But understanding what our children see, along with prayer and Biblical guidance, can help us to “raise up a child in the way he/she should go” (Proverbs 22:6).

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