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Parenting Articles


Every day, we are asked questions from parents who have concerns about their child’s care and development.   To help answer some of these questions, we’ve compiled a variety of insightful and informative articles.    We, at Helping Hands are dedicated to the development of the whole child. So we’re excited about pursuing a Healthy Life Style through comprehensive nutrition and a physical activity program.  Our goal is to helping each child reach their full potential, physically, emotionally and spiritually


Health and Safety

·         Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

·         Car Seat Safety

·         Is My Child Getting Enough Sleep?

·         Is Your Child Over Scheduled?

Make Your Home Child Proof


Guiding Your Child’s Behavior

·         Tips for Teaching Your Child about Gratitude

·         Dealing with Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors

·         Help Your Child Make Good Choices

·         Helping Children Cope with Stressful Times

·         Is Conflict Healthy for Children?

·         Punished by Rewards Part 1

·         Punished by Rewards Part 2

·         The Fine Art of Sharing

Separation Anxiety

She Bit Me First

Security Blanket and Other Favority Cuddlies


The Art of Parenting

·         Helping Children through Life’s Transitions

·         How Do I Potty Train My Child?

·         Loving Children Unconditionally

·         Talking with Your Child about Difficult Subjects

·         The Importance of Community for Young Children

Dealing With Parental Mistakes

Discipline-Not Time Out


Understanding Your Child’s Development

·         Promoting Healthy Cognitive Development in Your Child

·         Promoting Healthy Language Development in Your Child

·         Promoting Healthy Physical Development in Your Child

·         Promoting Healthy Social-Emotional Development in Your Child


Your Child’s Educational Journey

·         How To Help Promote Literacy Development in Young Children

·         The Great Outdoors

·         Tips for a Smooth Transition into the New School Year

·         Family/School Relationship

·         How Does Your Child Learn?

​          The Importance of Imagination

          The Answer Is Play

Reading Together



Parenting and education resources

This list contains links to helpful websites devoted to parenting and education issues.


Zero to Three
A wealth of information including parenting links, tips and development information relating to children through the age of 3.


Common Sense Parenting
Specializes in training, consulting and researching parenting practices that address the day-to-day care, guidance and development of children.


American Academy of Pediatrics
Provides information for parents of children from birth through age 21. They cover topics such as car seats, breastfeeding, immunizations, obesity and injury prevention.


Kids Health

Doctor-approved health information about medical, emotional and developmental issues of children and their families.


Family Education

Family Education empowers learners of all ages to reach their full potential.  This is a tool that offers internet resources, and shopping for parents, teachers, and kids.


Biblical and Moral Video Teachings

"Right Now Media" is a Christian Video Resource available to you and your family to help each of you grow, while on your faith journey. There is something here for ALL AGES.  To sign up to this valuable website and use these resources, go to:  and start enlightening the heart, souls and minds of your whole family.  Enjoy growing together in your faith as a family.


Other Childcare & Parenting resources


Child Development



Family Fun







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