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Our Teachers....

We have an amazing and diverse staff, many who have served our children and families for 10-15 years. 


All our teachers are state-certified and extensively trained and they love what they do and are glad to answer any questions – just ask!  The State of Michigan requires all licensed child care staff to be educated in Early Childhood Development and/or a related field.  Our staff have received the required education they need in their specific area and continue to receive ongoing early childhood education through yearly seminars and workshops.  


All staff members of Helping Hands are annually re-certified in CPR Training and receive bi-annual First Aid Training as well.  


Each week our teachers are required to write up and turn into the director of the center their next week's planned curriculum for their class which includes weekly themes that are coordinated throughout the center and include both art work and activities.

We are also blessed to have the Ingham County’s “Grandparent's Program" as part of our daily curriculum.  The seniors assigned to our center share their wisdom and love with the children daily, and for many of our children these are the only "Grandparents they will ever know or experience.


Many of our staff have blessed us with their presence for over 10 plus years.  They bring with them a lot of skills and a wonderful understanding of our community, plus a diversity that allows most children to feel at home.  


Several of our staff are trained school teachers, however all of our staff are gifted with the goals of wanting to have each of your children ready for school; intellectually, physically, psychologically and spiritually.


 Here at Helping Hand's, all of our  teachers are committed to the holistic health, care and education of your Child!!!

Meet Our Team





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This Could Be You...

Joining Our


Head Chef

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Assistant Chef




Visual Arts


Most young children naturally delight in art. They love the process of applying paint to paper, gluing things together, and pounding a lump of clay. Working with art materials offers children opportunities

to experiment with color, shape, design, and texture. As they engage in art activities, children develop

an awareness and appreciation of pleasant sensory experiences-which is the beginning of aesthetic development. 

Using art materials such as paint, clay, markers, crayons, cornstarch, and collage materials is one of

the way we try to help children express their individual ideas and feelings at Helping Hands Christian Learning Center. As children view their own creations and those of other children, they learn to value and appreciate differences. For young children, the process of creating is what’s most important, not what they actually create.

Artwork benefits all aspects of children’s development. As children draw, paint, and make collages,

they experiment with color, line, shape, and size. They use paints, fabrics, and chalk to make choices, tryout ideas, plan, and experiment.  Through their art, children express how they feel, think, and view

the world. Art is an outlet at Helping Hands that lets children express what they may not be able to say with words and can instill confidence and pride!

Various Field Trips


Many young children learn best while in motion. Field trips submerge children into the environment of their studies. If a child is learning about animals, taking him to the zoo allows the youngster to have physical interaction with the animals. He can view and sometimes touch the animals, which provide an authentic reference, creating a quality learning opportunity that enriches the educational development of the child.

When a child participates in a field trip, there are many different learning opportunities presented.  Active learning takes place when a child is surrounded by his topic of discussion.

If a child is learning about scientific processes, a trip to a bakery would be a quality way to extend an abstract concept into a concrete learning opportunity.  In this learning opportunity each child is given an opportunity to learn new life skills that encourages him or her to learn about the world around them and brings validity to that which is taught in the classroom.                 

 A field trip is much more than just a journey outside of the classroom. It is a journey into life experiences that cannot be duplicated within the classroom walls. 


And built into each field trip are elements of learning experiences and teachable moments that can be highlighted and explored along the way.  During service-oriented field trips, kids learn about helping others in the community. The community also benefits both from the work that the kids do as part of the trip, and  

from any further volunteering that the children do as a result of the trip.


Field trips at Helping Hands can help children achieve greater results in all subjects. By seeing real-life application of the lessons that they are learning from

field trips, children might be more likely to understand and appreciate the importance and relevance of what they are experiencing, especially as they learn to apply these new found skills in their everyday life.

Outdoor Fun


No matter what season it may be, one of the most fun things to do at Helping Hands is to head outside and play for hours! Some of the most fun outdoor games do not involve hi-tech toys or gadgets; all you usually need are a ball, a skipping rope, and perhaps some sidewalk chalk – let your imagination do the rest! One of the great things about outdoor games is that they help us to stay active and healthy without even realizing it; exercise doesn’t have to be boring, there are plenty of outdoor activities at Helping Hands that help to keep us healthy while having fun. These activities can also be a lot more fun, because we get to spend more time with our friends. Remember that anyone can join in an outdoor game; whether it is a youth, teacher, student or new friend. At Helping Hands we play smart; stay away from the roads, don’t hurt anybody intentionally, and never make fun of other players. By following these simple little rules, we can all make sure that everyone has a great time!

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