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 Your Child's Health and Safety is Important...


In today's world our children need to be watched more closely when it comes to their physical growth and safety.  We here at Helping Hands take that challenge very seriously.  We believe that by daily providing your child a "safe" haven they can call their home away from home, feeding them nutrious, home cooked food, and encouraging structured, daily physical activity, we will more likely enable them to grow into happy, healthy and well rounded individuals who will have a chance at impacting and changing the world in a positive way.

Safety Both on Site and Off...​
State of Michigan Approved Transportation
All transportation provided for our youth to and from school and on field trips has been approved by the Department of Human Services through the State of Michigan.  We have employed a bus driver with a chauffers license and our bus is cleared each year for service by the local police department.  The safety of our children while going to and from school and also to fun events is a must to us!!!
On Site Automatic Door Locks
Making sure that your children are part of a "safe haven" while they are at Helping Hands is vital to us who care for them. Each entrance door is equipped with electronic locks.  As parents/caregivers, when you enroll your child you will receive a PIN number that will get you safely in and out of the building. Only you can use that code.  If you give someone else permission to pick up your child on a certain day, you must clear it with the director and that person must show Photo ID to be able to get into the building and remove your child from the center. Keeping your loved ones safe while they are a part of Helping Hands is our top priority!!!
Understanding Allergies
We live in a day where more and more children are struggling with asthma and allergies.  Because of this we find it very important to... #1, know what your child's health concerns are,  #2, know who your child's Doctor is,  #3 always have an up to date phone number for a parent and another person in the child's life, #4 know if the child suffers from an allergy of some type, and if they do have allergy medication on site and have permission to administer it.  We are here to keep your child SAFE and help them GROW into their God given FUTURE.




Come Take a Ride on God's "Helping Hands" Bus...

and Watch the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round!

Building Healthy Habits and Staying Safe...

Our “healthy approach” program is designed to help pave the way for a lifetime of healthy habits. By encouraging balanced, nutritional practices and physical activity in early childhood, we're helping children reach their full potential and prevent chronic disease later in life.


We have joined the Partnership for a Healthier America, and are combining forces with leaders in other industries in a commitment to achieve the Let's Move! Child Care standards. The program includes the following goals to help build a generation of healthy children:


Physical Activity: 1-2 hours every day, including outside play when possible.


Professional Playgrounds:  An Infant playground is available for children, birth to 20 month. This special area is designed for the infant size and soul in mind.

Our larger playground is set up for the older child and has 2 sections. One is for the younger, preschool child and a different section is for the older, elementary age child. Also we have 2 acres of land for our children to run, play and explore on. 


Food:  Menus include a variety of foods which meet daily nutritional needs for young children, as well as licensing requirements which are mandated by the federal government. 


We serve fruits and vegetables during at least 2 eating occasions per day. Meals are served family style and we avoid serving fried and processed foods.  

View the sample weekly menu  that offers examples of the healthy, home cooked food that is prepared by our licensed Chef. Our daily options of breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are included in your tuition cost.


Beverages: Water, whenever. No sugar-sweetened drinks. For ages 2+: low- or non-fat milk. Serve 4-6 ounces max of 100% juice a day.


Infant Feeding: We support parents' decisions about infant feeding. Breastfeeding moms can provide their milk to their infants and are welcome to breastfeed during school time. *The focus on healthy lifestyles comes as the U.S. is experiencing an increase in health risks directly tied to poor food choices and physical inactivity. Studies show that one in five children are overweight or obese by age 6. We’re concerned about these trends and have joined Let’s Move! Child Care and other related efforts across the nation in the fight to prevent childhood obesity.We provide a variety of healthy food choices during meals and snacks and encourage children to try new foods. You're welcome to sample them for yourself!  Ask our school director for more details.


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